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Luxury City Breaks: Budapest

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By Niamh Walsh on 14th February 2023

Budapest, celebrated for its rich history, the winding Danube River, and local delicacies, dazzles with its wealth of art nouveau architecture, unique ruin bars, and rejuvenating thermal bathhouses, making it an ideal travel destination for an unforgettable getaway.

Embarking on a journey to explore the heart of Europe's beauty and culture, our guide reveals the allure of Budapest as a luxury city break destination. From its opulent history to its contemporary charm, Budapest offers an exquisite fusion of the past and present, inviting travellers to indulge in a refined urban escape. In this curated guide, we'll navigate through the city's grand architecture, culinary delights, artistic treasures, and luxury accommodations, providing an insider's view into how to make the most of your lavish stay in this captivating metropolis. Whether it's your first encounter or a return visit, Budapest's blend of elegance and sophistication promises an unparalleled city break experience.

Where to stay?

Kempinski Hotel Corvinus

Nestled within the vibrant heart of downtown Budapest, and a mere 750 yards away from the iconic Chain Bridge and Saint Stephen's Basilica, the five-star Kempinski Hotel Corvinus stands as a pinnacle of opulence. Throughout our stay, the dedication to service and meticulous attention to detail surpassed expectations. Upon our arrival, the Kempinski staff graciously accommodated our every requirement, ensuring our comfort in the Grand Deluxe Park View Room.

Defined by its unyielding inspiration and lavish design, this room is a sanctuary complete with exclusive amenities tailored to pamper travelers at the heart of Budapest. An inviting lounge space, a state-of-the-art smart TV, and an expansive king-size bed provided the perfect refuge after a day of exploration. Beyond the accommodations, the hotel boasts an exceptional gym and spa for guests to unwind, as well as two restaurants, two bars, a charming coffee house, and a deli for satisfying any cravings.

Book your stay here, prices per night begin at £191.


Kozmo Hotel Suites & Spa

Away from the urban hustle, yet strategically positioned at the city's core, Kozmo Hotel Suites & Spa embodies the very essence of luxury. As a distinguished member of The Leading Hotels of the World, this five-star gem caters seamlessly to the modern traveler seeking a haven of sophisticated tranquility. Boasting a cutting-edge spa replete with a sauna, pool, and jacuzzi, along with Penhaligons amenities, Kozmo Hotel becomes the ultimate sanctuary after exploring the vibrant avenues of Budapest's Jewish Quarter.

Greeted with a delightful flute of champagne, we were fortunate to relish a two-night retreat within the confines of a splendid junior suite. This space exudes a refined, cosmopolitan charm, exemplifying discreet elegance. The remarkable quality of linens and amenities, coupled with the meticulous care of the staff, served as the pinnacle of our experience.

Book your stay here, prices per night begin at £133.


Hotel Vision

For those in pursuit of a hotel that offers sweeping views of the enchanting cityscape, Hotel Vision stands as an unparalleled choice. As a pristine, recently established luxury boutique hotel nestled on the Pest side of the Danube Bank, Hotel Vision holds a prime location near notable landmarks including the Elizabeth Bridge, Gellért Hill, and the Liberty Statue. This positioning makes it an idyllic sanctuary, welcoming weary explorers after a day of traversing the picturesque avenues and ascending the lofty hills of Buda. The hotel juxtaposes contemporary elements with decadence, preserving its original Art Nouveau façade while transforming the interior into a realm of exquisite modernity.

Our final evening in Budapest was graced by the Ambassador Suite, affording us a captivating Danube panorama. Adorned with luxurious White Company amenities, this suite boasts an elegant living space accompanied by an integrated kitchen, a dining table for four, two 55” flat-screen TVs, and a refreshing rain shower alongside a standalone bathtub. Such indulgence compelled us to reluctantly depart the suite, urging us to venture forth and further explore Budapest's allure. Additionally, the hotel features a delectable Spanish tapas restaurant, a serene spa area, and a lobby that exudes a modern garden ambience – a peaceful space to begin, or end, your journey.

Book your stay here, prices per night begin at £116.

Where to eat?


Set a couple of streets back within the lively Jewish Quarter, Dobrumba is an absolute essential when exploring Budapest. Drawing in a trendy clientele with its chic ambiance and Middle Eastern-inspired fare, Dobrumba's mezze offerings – particularly the indulgent labneh and flavourful baba ganoush – present an irresistible culinary experience. For a revitalising and satisfying break, we wholeheartedly endorse Dobrumba as the perfect spot for a leisurely lunchtime interlude.

Book your reservation here.

Leo Rooftop, Hotel Clark

For a sophisticated and refined atmosphere, Leo Rooftop emerges as the ultimate destination for an elevated dining and drinks experience. Situated on the 8th floor of Hotel Clark, this venue offers an unrivalled blend of culinary delights, panoramic views, impeccable beverage choices, and top-notch service. To ensure a seamless experience, advance reservations are recommended. Don't miss the chance to savour a taste of heaven – be sure to indulge in the slider burgers.

Book your table here.

What to do?

Basilica of St Stephen

St. Stephen’s Basilica stands as Budapest's grandest church, paying homage to Hungary's inaugural king, St. Stephen. Beyond admiring its exquisite neoclassical architecture from within, visitors have the opportunity to ascend its staircases and embrace breathtaking panoramic views of Budapest – an experience we suggest indulging in just prior to sunset. This sanctum also shelters Hungary's most revered relic, the mummified right hand of St. Stephen, known as the Szent Jobb (Holy Right Hand). Additionally, the basilica hosts a variety of musical performances throughout the year, adding another layer of cultural significance to this remarkable site.

Dohány Street Synagogue

For enthusiasts of history, a compelling stop awaits at the Dohány Street Synagogue, the largest of its kind in Europe. Constructed in the 1800s, the synagogue boasts the captivating Moorish Revival architectural style. Ludwig Förster, its architect, believed that distinctive Jewish architecture was elusive, thus opting for "architectural forms that have been used by oriental ethnic groups that are related to the Israelite people, and in particular the Arabs."

Dohány Street holds poignant Holocaust associations, serving as the border of the Budapest Ghetto and enduring bombing by the Hungarian pro-Nazi Arrow Cross Party on February 3rd, 1939. The Dohány Street Synagogue complex encompasses the Great Synagogue, the Heroes' Temple, the Graveyard, the Memorial, and the Jewish Museum, erected on the very spot where Theodor Herzl's (an Austro-Hungarian Jewish lawyer, journalist, playwright, political activist, and writer) birth home once stood.

In addition to exploring the city's historical sites, don't miss the chance to enjoy a Danube River boat cruise. The tranquil waters provide a unique perspective of Budapest's iconic landmarks, beautifully illuminated as the sun sets. This captivating experience adds a touch of romance and allows you to witness the city's beauty from a different angle.

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