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The natural habitat of Sublime Comporta

Comporta bio pool glow.

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9th March 2022

We stayed at Comporta this February. Of course, to experience Comporta is to experience one of its trendy and prominent resorts.

Sublime Comporta's tranquil 17-hectare estate with rice fields, sand dunes and over 60 km stretch of beach to match is what makes this haven breath-taking for holiday goers. Sublime’s natural habitat takes centre stage and with its sprawling villas along the estate, the flourishing pine trees and cork trees of which it belongs, provide ample views for much needed relinquishment.

Our lodging over the two nights was in one of their Villa Room Master’s located within one of their Cabana Villas. Sublime’s concept is that each room is separate but shares a common entrance with shared access to the common spaces. Our room fit all four of us snuggly with a cot provided at the foot of our bed and a children’s bed across our king sized bed.

The most attractive part about the room was certainly the views of the undulating trees, for a second we thought we were on a safari holiday, wondering when giraffes or whatever animal you’d expect on a safari would appear.

Since it was February time, the temperature was mildly cool and so with the room’s underfloor heating it felt snug and warm. The vibe is contemporary, minimal to a comforting degree where less is more but lesser also meaning a high standard of quality in each room. Concrete floors and strong fixtures owe to part of that because these rooms don’t need the distraction of heavily accented décor when you’ve got the magic outside to look at, any time of the day. There’s a reason the beds face forwards - Sublime wants you to be able to take in the surrounding nature, laying emphasis on the meaning of being able to take a moment, slow down and observe.

In-room amenities were as you’d expect apart from the toiletries which we loved. Generously sized bottles of shampoo, conditioner, body lotion and even a hair mask are offered. These concoctions use ingredients made on site from their gardens, another aspect so vital to the resort. Everything that Sublime stands for is led on the principle of sustainability so although guests might not immediately notice, they will eventually come to reflect on the power of nature through their stay simply based on their surroundings. The hotel is 100% autonomous which means that for all the underfloor heating in rooms and the swimming pool, solar panels are relied on. Even in terms of drinkable water, with their wastewater system this allows for good quality water that can be used for irrigation.

Where Sublime can have the least impact on the environment, they react to find solutions. Encouraging guests to reduce water consumption and to reuse towels especially after a single use for instance, as well as the conscious effort to reduce single-use plastics are some ways in which the resort is making an effort. You’ll also notice near the entrance to the hotel, charging stations for electric cars are available. Besides sustainability, the hotel ensures the support of its local stakeholders by working with local farmers and fishermen for example.

The restaurant's menu is based on various seasonal produce that is made locally. The décor in the rooms are made by craftspeople local to the region. Sublime Comporta's whole narrative is more impactful than it seems - it is trying to promote an exceptional stay with an important emphasis on positive local and environmental support as part of the overall experience. It is one of the hotels paving the way towards an environmentally conscious outlook on holidaying in a luxury setting that doesn’t necessarily focus on the high life but the slower paced and tranquil life.

One experience we highly recommend for those considering a stay at Sublime Comporta is their spa. The treatments are personalised and highly attentive - it really is the best place for those suffering from aches and pains. Therapists are expertly trained to ease sore muscles and work on pain points to relieve tension. We guarantee that you will come out feeling like you’ve actually been treated and might even be tempted to forego more than one treatment. Unfortunately for us on this occasion their spa was under renovation and so we didn't get to witness the highlight of the resort but that didn’t deter us from taking up a treatment in one of their other villas.

Dining at Sublime is a culinary adventure. Sem Porta, their main restaurant will have your taste buds awaken. A dish we highly recommend especially if this is your first time to the resort, is their lobster rice. The menu advises it for two people but we really felt like it could feed up to three. It was tantalising, full of flavour and so rich in lobster. You won’t regret it. It definitely became a culinary highlight during our stay. We didn't get to taste a lot of the dishes on the menu but the lobster rice became a good indication of the style of cooking and the combination of flavours infused within the dishes at Sem Porta.

There are a number of activities one can do around Sublime Comporta and although we didn't get to experience them given our stay was short, the resort does offer a nice selection of outdoor options that one can do such as horse back riding and even dolphin watching (if it's the right season). The only other activity which we took up was a trip to the hotel's beach restaurant located at Carvalhal Beach. The only way for us to get there was by taxi which you normally have to pre-book in advance. The journey is about a ten minute ride which is great if you want to be able to spend your day near the ocean. The stunning views of the coast lines and being directly at the beach is what makes its beach club an ideal spot to enjoy ones time however we much preferred the food at Sem Porta if we were to draw a comparison.

Sublime Comporta is an ideal option if what you're looking for is a trendy retreat in Comporta that highlights on its culinary offering, club-feel access, a 360 wellness approach and above all sustainability and social responsibility at the heart of its values.

If you'd like to experience Sublime Comporta for yourself why not book their special wellness package available exclusively on The Sybarite.

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