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The Sybarite’s Festival Essentials


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By Isobel Coombs on 28th June 2024

The UK festival season has opened with a bang with Dua Lipa, Coldplay and Shania Twain all taking the Pyramid Stage this weekend.

The Sybarite have a number of clients joining us at Glastonbury this year and we have ensured they’re equipped with the best festival essential. Find out what our clients found waiting for them in their luxury bell tents!

Raise & Replenish: Superfood lattes to recharge

A brand with a mission to revive and re-energise without the jittery feeling that coffee can give us. The hours of dancing and nights of little sleep can often get the better of festival-goers, so Raise & Replenish’s blends are an essential companion. Easily mixed with water or milk, these powders are packed full of Vitamin B12 to recharge the body and a number of medicinal mushrooms to support the immune system and calm the nervous system. 

Order yours here, £42

Wha Gwan: The reinvented tonic wine 

The Caribbean-inspired brand, Wha Gwan, has just launched their limited-edition product, Glidin, which champions the popular drink of tonic wine. The aim of this product is to celebrate the vibrant Jamaican culture and make tonic wine loved again. This light and tropical drink is a blend of  Italian Glera wine and the original Wha Gwan Melon Cherry Rum Tonic, it’s the best way to start the party. 

Order yours here, £12.99

Fujifilm: Leave the valuables at home and still snap

Even in a luxury bell tent, we wouldn’t recommend bringing your valuable cameras, but that shouldn’t stop you from capturing the best moments. Our clients’ Survival Kits included a Fuji Quicksnap Flash 400/27 which is loaded with excellent quality film and a brilliant flash so you can shoot from dusk ‘till dawn. 

Order yours here, £34.99

Bizzi: The coffee to make you glow from within 

Bizzi is the UK's first range of cold brew coffee that is fortified with collagen and essential vitamins, taking your caffeine boost to new heights. The Sybarite’s favourite, the vanilla and turmeric brew, is infused with 10g of bovine collagen, Vitamin C and Zinc to give our serial dancers some joint and skin care throughout the weekend. 

Order yours here, £12

Active Drip: Rehydrate from the outside in

Spending your days outdoors can take its toll on your skin, so Active Drip’s Hyaluronic Acid, B12 and B5 serum is the perfect festival companion. Inject hydration into your skin to preserve your skin barrier and boost cell replenishment without having to bring your 10-step routine. 

Order yours here, £26.89

Red Bull Sugar Free Pink Edition: The drink we know and love, but different

For the mid-afternoon lull after a morning of exploring and a night of music ahead, Red Bull’s new flavour is the ideal pick-me-up. Combining the flavours of raspberry and other forest fruits, and infused with a range of vitamins, Red Bull Pink Edition is the ultimate refresher. 

Find out more here, £5

Made by Coopers: The pillow spray to decompress 

As our clients crawl into the Egyptian cotton sheets of their bell tent, we wanted them to have the best sleep they could have, so Made by Cooper’s Sleepy Head Pillow Spray was essential. This award-winning spray is made up of three key ingredients; Lavender, Frankincense and Chamomile which give natural aromatherapy calming benefits to assist a great night’s sleep. 

Order yours here, £12

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