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By Lily Niu on 7th October 2022

There’s never a better time to invest in your wellbeing, cultivate a sense of presence, or take time out from the daily grind.

No matter your personal style of self-care or level of yogic knowledge, there’s a wellness destination to suit you.

Explore further to see which unexpected but life-changing wellness destinations make the Sybarite edit.

Oman: Six Senses, Zighy Bay

If a pre-festive season detox is on your agenda, make it the Yogic Detox holiday on the cost of Oman at the Six Senses, Zighy Bay. You’ll have the option of a five, seven, ten, or even 14-night stay, during which a steady approach to calm your mind and boost your energy levels lies at the centre of the experience.

This luxury yoga detox invites guests to participate in a series of hatha yoga, pranayama, meditation, and spa therapies complemented by the ever-present warmth of the Arabian Peninsula. A strengthening of the immune system ahead of the busy December to January period will no doubt be of benefit moving into the New Year.

The Greek Islands: Nobu Santorini

The Greek islands have long been a European favourite for quick escapes and sun-drenched adventure but newly opened boutique hideaway, Nobu Santorini, might just be the antidote for one night out too many. With the property’s first ever Autumn Equinox Energy Attunement having just concluded (a nurturing and empowering weekend of self-care in partnership with House of Wisdom and energy healer Bella Georgiou), wellness travellers should watch this space for future events.

Corsica: La Villa Calvi

Facing the Mediterranean and the Monte Grosso mountain range, Villa Calvi’s dream setting allows for a restorative break where its new La Parenthèse Immortelle retreat lets guests immerse in the beauty of the surrounding natural landscape. The retreats are ongoing from Wednesday to Sunday from November 2022 until May 2023; to further explore what the experience entails, take a look at our detailed run-down of the Corsican luxury villa.

Saint-Tropez: Hotel La Ponche

With a reputation for shopping and parties, this French Riviera pit stop is often overlooked for activities outside of the socialising sphere. The old town of “La Ponche” is home to none other than Hotel La Ponche, where, from November 17th to 20th, a Yoga & Writing Retreat led by founder of the Tigre Yoga Club, Elodie Garamond, and writer, Lilia Hassaine, will help any party fatigued traveller get their creative juices flowing.

The yoga portion of the retreat is intended to help guests align with their own emotions. Elodie believes the strengthened ability to welcome and respond to emotions is akin to the time and dedication needed to build muscle. “Welcoming [emotions] fully will help us find creative solutions and enjoy every moment of our lives,” she says.

As for the writing workshops led by Lilia, they can be experienced as an extension of the yoga practice. “The exercises will be an opportunity for introspection, a dive into the meanders of your imagination and your dreams,” says Lilia. “Like yoga, writing is spiritual, inner. Language changes when the body changes. Words listen, they reflect your state of mind and your state of soul.”

Bhutan: COMO Uma Paro and COMO Uma Punakha

With Bhutan having re-opened its borders to international travellers, COMO Hotels & Resorts is welcoming guests to embark on a seven night Jewels of Bhutan Itinerary; a discovery of its COMO Uma Paro and COMO Uma Punakha properties along with incredible drives, nature walks, monastery visits - including a hike through Paro Valley to reach the Taksang ‘Tiger’s Nest’ Monastery, one of Bhutan’s most important architectural landmarks.

Guests have the opportunity to engage with young monks at Chorten Ningpo, a 17th-century educational institution; take in sights of farmhouses en route to Chimmi Lhakhang, an ancient fertility temple; and enjoy views of the Himalayas from the Dochu La mountain pass.

The first night would be spent at COMO Uma Paro above the emerald Paro Valley, with views of ancient monasteries and rice paddies, where guests’ rooms feature traditional Bhutanese craftsmanship with modern amenities. Here, visitors can enjoy a signature spa treatment at the property’s COMO Shambala Retreat, home to two bathhouses and a large indoor pool which faces the mountains across the valley.

The following three nights will be spent at COMO Uma Punakha, where guests will be transferred to. Here, the intimate lodge-style accommodation with views of the Mo Chu River and local, seasonally-led dining experiences at Bukhari restaurant, along with unrivalled access to the best of the Himalayan Kingdom, will further enhance one’s appreciation for the beauty this off-the-beaten-path destination holds. The final night of the itinerary will be spent back at COMO Uma Paro.

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