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Globe Trotter essentials

Globe trotter   luxury travel essentials.

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30th June 2022

We all carry luggage. What sort defines us. We are judged by the way we handle it. Overhead, under seat and in the hold.

What you have by your side and what you choose to trundle is vital for the image and if you want to give the right impression. ''Travelware-upmanship'' is a game all travellers play.

Travellers are brand conscious. They are as loyal to their luggage brand as the car they choose to drive and airline they choose to fly by.  It matters what wheels they choose to have under them.  

“My seat in Business Class on a plane to a very important meeting is waiting”,  “I am on my way to an extended and very luxurious vacation that few people could ever afford”  and “ I buy my carry on in Mayfair” are impressions we all like to create. 

It starts in the airport car park when we take longer than necessary unpacking so everyone can admire our super lightweight, bought from London’s Burlington Arcade  Globe Trotter four-wheel spinner grey/caramel  new  check-in case which screams “ Just out!”

When we stow the case, we make sure everyone gets a good look at our made in Hertfordshire polycarbonate, the stylish multi-directional wheels and tasteful push button telescopic handle. When we disembark we let the case pose and speak for itself to passers by.

A high capacity, 5,5kg  £2095 Globe-Trotter Centenary with the price label left on sees off all the competition.  Even a Briggs & Riley ballistic nylon baseline spinner four-wheel Wardrobe trolley with zippered shoe pockets. It is the essential travelling companion.

In the race to the check-in desk , it sees off all the inferior softside Osprey Meridieans , dented and scuffed  Eagle Creeks,  detachable backpacks,  rolling duffels and battered Eagle Creeks.  

It turns more heads than an Expandable Victorinox. Even those of the girls at check-in who have known to upgrade couples on the strength of their Silver Crest Strollers and denied an upgrade with those with a grubby travel cot. And have seen more “Let Our Journey Enrich Life” Lojels and Rimowa Hybrid hard-siders than they have had in-flight dinners.

A Globe Trotter carries off all the spoils. It has right of way around the world.

Security personnel at  X ray machines will pause to admire the spacious canvas internal lining of your latest  four-wheel Globe Trotter and be transfixed by the organizational space dividers  and , as you make your way towards the departures lounge,  everyone will stand aside to give priority to the frequent flyer with the select chromatic composition,  patented vulcanized fibreboard and craftmanship that goes back to Saxony in 1897.

Overnight stays, weekenders, short break and patent package holidays luggage is overshadowed by the robust locks and sombre sophistication beloved by the likes of Captain Scott, Sir Winston Churchill and the Queen.

Globe Trotter cabin carry-ons carry the same cachet.  Especially the 4.2kg leather-cornered  “Safari” with its refined colourways,  the clean-lined Not Time  To Die or playfully-coloured Golf le Fleur. Beside their chic, even a Pacific Blue Tumi V3 International Slim is cheap and bland.

What everyone wants is to be seen standing next to in airports and hotel lobbies is an elegant Globe Trotter.

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