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14th October 2015

So you’ve bought your own private jet – now what?

Time to add those spectacular touches to make it feel like your very own, of course.

The Sybarite recommends award-winning luxury interior studio AirJet Designs, based in Toulouse, France, with commercial presence across Miami, Hong Kong and Sao Paolo. The studio provides tailor-made design solutions or à la carte services to reflect their clients’ tastes. From design proposals, layout definition and 3D mock-up generation to completion and follow-up, just about every request can be catered to. Of course, safety comes first, which means every component must pass certain safety standards approved by the Federal Aviation Administration.

AirJet Designs’ aesthetic approach leans toward the avant-garde. Its founder, Jean-Pierre Alfano, is also its Creative Director. The studio specializes in ‘corporate jet, VIP and Head of State aircraft interior design’. The company has won two prestigious International Yacht & Aviation Awards for its ‘Dolce Vita’ interior design concept, which incorporates neo-baroque elements and is a tribute to Jean-Pierre Alfano’s Italian and French background.

The result is an aircraft that has been completely transformed into a villa-like setting with a layout consisting of a dining/meeting area and, in the case of Middle Eastern clients, two separate living areas for men and women. Exotic accents such as crocodile leather can be found on the sofa and gold-embossed glass appears on the sliding glass doors separating the cabin area from the rest of plane. In the bedroom, there is a medallion carved into the ceiling, a circular bed and a vanity desk.  With a palette of black, white and gold, the slick aircraft suits the tastes of both men and women.

Another studio we recommend is Aeria Luxury Interiors, based in Texas and specializing in VIP finishes and refurbishments for Boeing and Airbus jets. The company’s management team has almost 150 years of experience in the industry and the breadth of its expertise is rather extensive. ‘Aeria Luxury Interiors creates aerial spaces suited for heads of state, titans of industry, corporations and individuals who expect and appreciate impeccable taste, luxurious comfort and richly appointed accommodations. Our designers work with a deep understanding of the form and function of VIP aircraft interiors, composing works that range from airborne palaces to sleek executive environments.’

Aeria Luxury Interiors’ capabilities include tailor-made cabinetry, avionics, upholstery, paint, systems and sheet metal fabrication and installation.

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