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Medina of Marrakech – Riad timila review


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Despite the hustle and bustle of the Marrakech medina, luxury residence Riad Timila encapsulates its guests within its calm and welcoming atmosphere. The restored Moroccan house has six en-suite rooms, a rooftop terrace, a hammam, a media room, and a dining area.

As the riad lies on a pedestrian-only street, the riad’s butler, Ismail, arranged to meet us as we got out of our hired car. He led us through the winding streets of Marrakech and to straight to Riad Timila, where we were immediately given a quick tour and shown to our room.

We stayed in the master suite called Chambre Bronze. Our room featured a seating area, fireplace, and private bathroom and...

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The Maldives edition – an intimate Q&A with Finolhu’s GM Marc reader ocean view pool. The Maldives edition – an intimate Q&A with Finolhu’s GM Marc reader outside children play area. Flag of Maldives

The Maldives edition – an intimate Q&A with Finolhu’s GM...

Since the Seaside Management took over, what were some of the changes made to the resort?  Interesting point is that Finolhu has always been colorful in personality and I think when we opened, the management company that was involved then never wanted it to be known as a party island but they opened with a huge party and then six months later, Cara Delevigne took over the whole resort, I think for her 21st birthday. That was a huge party as well and by the time I arrived, which was two weeks after Cara’s birthday, it was already regarded as the party island of the Maldives. The management company that was involved didn’t ever want us to be known as a party island but it evolved from that, and I think the greatest lesson to be learnt today about media is that no longer can we control our PR, it is controlled by the public and we’ve got to be very careful in how we present ourselves and how we communicate because they will interpret it as the way they like. 

Marbella Club clubhouse launched. El patio restaurant marbella clubhouse. Flag of Spain

Featuring The iconic Marbella Club launches a clubhouse just in...

Drawing inspiration from the hotel’s bohemian beginnings in the Fifties as a purposefully low-key hangout for Prince Alfonso and his glittering A-list friends, from Brigitte Bardot to Cary Grant, this reimagining of the hotel’s original Clubhouse champions the best things in life – food and drink, fun, nature, friendship and family. Guests can take advantage of several new additions: El Patio restaurant, the beating heart of the resort, overseen by the Marbella Club’s newly appointed head chef, Sergio Arconada; Rudi’s bar, a fitting tribute to Count Rudi, the hotel’s first GM – who, at eighty-odd years old, still casts a watchful eye over proceedings; La Bodega, scene of wine tastings with head sommelier, Ángel González; bespoke private dining spaces; and an inviting central patio flanked by a hair & beauty salon, hair spa, barber, florist, gift shop, and flexible spaces for art exhibitions and pop up collaborations.

Esin-gural-argat,-the-female-entrepreneur-behind-joali-maldives. Vandhoo - where breakfast is served daily. Flag of Maldives

Review of The Maldives edition – Paradise of your dreams at JOALI

“The best part of beauty is that which no picture can express” - Francis Bacon. Like it has taken our imagination for a ride and brought us to a destination one can only dream of - a true paradise located in the Raa Atoll, the northern part of the Maldives. One has to see it to truly understand how such beauty is able to captivate the heart so much so that even we have to admit, we’ve left our hearts in JOALI. We are certain that if you come here, that same feeling will apply to you.  It is the best combination of contemporary art, absolute attention to design and detail, that feminine touch, aesthetic uniformity with of course the lush tropical vegetation and blossoming flowers and the stunning crystal clear waters at your immediate reach that you’re here and you know it’s worth it. It is not something which you need to think twice about - you’ll be catered for and looked after here, but more than that you won’t tire of the beauty and the absolute comfort you receive during your stay.

The brando island. Image Credit: The Brando. Flag of French_polynesia

Featuring The Brando: a world apart

Unbelievably less half the price of one South London garage which recently sold for £550,000. But economics aside, this was an investment that would give Brando peace and fulfillment in his later years and is now seen as the ultimate holiday destination for the world’s rich and famous. Tetiaroa is a stunning atoll (for those not au fait with tropical island terminology, an atoll is a ring shaped coral reef or series of islands) located 30 miles north of Tahiti in the South Pacific. Tetiaroa has always been seen as a mystical place, with stars guiding people there from Southeast Asia 4,000 years ago. It was also a favored retreat for the Tahitian royalty who would take part in archery tournaments as their wives were fanned under nearby coconut trees. And then came Brando. Having first visited Tetiaroa while filming Mutiny on the Bounty, the actor fell hard for its natural beauty, tranquility, cultural richness as well as for his Tahitian leading lady Tarita, with whom he later had children. It became his personal sanctuary and then his home when he bought Onetahi, one of the 12 smaller islands that make up Tetiaroa, and named it Brando.

The dolder grand summer  1655892209. The doldergrand   spa. Flag of Switzerland

The Doldergrand – the finest place to stay in Zurich

Swerving up onto the hill where The Doldergrand is perched up on, it was the panoramic mountain views against the backdrop of the hotel that made it stand out for us. Art is a major feature throughout the hotel with original works from Takashi Muramaki and Salvador Dali as well as other prominent artists whose works feature in various places. With a history spanning since 1899, The Doldergrand has without a doubt become a prominent address not just for overnight guests but a true social hub where guests come together to wine and dine, to see and be seen, and to just enjoy the act of socialising in style. Though it may seem like an enormous hotel, which it is, given there are 175 rooms and suites on site, the service is impeccable as is the discretion. What drew us to the hotel and what made it even more pleasant for us especially as we were travelling with our children, was the convenience and location of The Doldergrand.

Sustainable sybarite announces luxury eco suites in Antigua beach view. Sustainable sybarite announces luxury eco suites in Antigua luxury beach hut. Flag of Antigua

Featuring Sustainable sybarite announces luxury eco suites in Antigua

That is why we've partnered with these unique, eco luxury suites available for sale in Antigua; offering you the chance to have your very own, boutique eco luxury resort and spa on Cherry Hill, Antigua. The property is a sanctuary for the soul, perfect for romance, and ideal for rejuvenation, this resort is the ultimate destination for a luxurious, one-of-a-kind escape. Each suite is available for a lease or ownership period of 10 years. The owner would receive naming rights, guaranteed first 10% of investment from income over 10 years, 30 days complimentary stay per annum, discounts for days beyond the first 30, plus an additional 10% from income after expenses.

Maslina resort balcony Sustainable Sybarite Announces: Maslina Resort for World Ocean's Day. Maslina-resort-cocktail. Flag of Croatia

Featuring Sustainable Sybarite Announces: Maslina Resort for World...

A member of the elite Relais & Chateaux group of hotels, Maslina is a contemporary, resort located near Stari Grad, one of the oldest towns in the Eastern Adriatic, fusing classic Mediterranean style with modern accents. Sustainability is the watchword of this sublime dream destination. Maslina is where the fusion of personal and professional service, a stunning natural location, and committed respect for the environment, come to life. Mindful Luxury is reflected in every detail of the guest experience, promising respectful high-end hospitality motivated by Hvar Island's rich cultural and natural heritage.

The-nautilus-ocean-houses-and-residences-aerial-view-scaled. The-nautilus-maldives_spa. Flag of Maldives

The Nautilus Series - Day 3

We ate happily in our room before sending our five-year old for one last day of adventure. This was also the first day where we left our one-year old in the hands of the caretakers which we were apprehensive about as she was going through a bout of major separation anxiety. We felt we had no choice as we didn’t want to bring her along to our turtle snorkelling excursion. In the end there were no regrets because our butler kept us informed throughout, giving us much assurance that she was in good hands.  Our turtle snorkelling was a hit and miss due to the weather but we were fortunate enough to find a window of time in the morning to go ahead and do it together with their marine biologist. We were taken aboard their private yacht and set out about 15 minutes away from the island before jumping into the water. There’s never a guarantee that you’ll find turtles on these excursions but with our marine biologist we managed to spot two turtles asleep down below with another coming up for air.

Gibbons-Five-star-Tent-Lodge-in-Cambodia. Cambodia-Zip-Line. Flag of Cambodia

Featuring Cambodia high life - the height of luxury sustainable travel

They arrive at reception for their welcome drink and perfumed refresher towel in chains and a safety helmet. The 865 acre Shinta Mani Wild Bensley Collection is an all-inclusive luxury tented camp located deep in the South Cardamom National Park. The tents are more like luxury lodges. The camp has 14 one-bedroom tents (141sqm) and one two-bedroom tent (140sqm) and offers guests bespoke experiences. Its unique mode of arrival is via a double-cable 400m zipline above the forest canopy and across the Tmor Rung river and the Raging Big Sister and Middle Sister waterfalls, straight into the Landing Zone Bar where guests are greeted by their Bensley Adventure Butler and the General Manager. And a gin and tonic. Or a slug of tequila. No mocktails! Not many hotels offer such a spectacular arrival. Or the chance to confiscate a bulldozer! The five-star tent lodges have been named like The Great Conservationist (after Sir Laurens van Der Post), The Botanist’s (which is decorated with Katie Spencer botanical artwork), Gibbons (situated close and personal with a resident troop of pileated gibbons), Birders and the First Lady Jackie Kennedy which marks her visit to Cambodia in 1967.

London-Red-Bus. James-Olivier. Flag of United_kingdom

Featuring The remaking of an iconic hotel—in conversation with...

but have successfully—and valorously—led the relaunch, of a classic hotel that is famed as the heartbeat of Piccadilly Circus.  Previously The Meridien, the home away from home has been in service for 114 years. And with an unwavering abundance of clientele that pours through the hotel's revolver doors, we sat down with General Manager James Olivier, to discuss the journey of introducing London’s new modern and breathtaking The Dilly and how its relaunch took so much more than a simple change of curtains and ample lick of paint. You’ve been working in hospitality for 15 years now. What has been the most important advice or experience gained throughout the years that helped you lead the redirection of The Dilly and its future success? For me the most important advice would be to set out a clear strategy and target to aim for.  It’s also of paramount importance to ensure you have a strong team in place and to communicate the strategy clearly to them to ensure everyone is aligned.  At The Dilly I am very lucky to have a great team at the hotel and a strong sense of engagement and team morale. It is somewhat of a cliché but a happy and engaged team leads to good service levels and allows us to create lasting memories for our guests which in turn fosters loyalty to The Dilly.

Experience Easter – the ultimate travel inspiration luxury outdoor pool relax. EASTER EGG-HUNTING IN PARADISE – JOALI, MALDIVES. Flag of United_kingdom

Featuring Experience Easter – the ultimate travel inspiration

And although many of us aren't anticipating the idea of travelling just yet, The Sybarite have carefully collated all of the world's most luxury, Easter travel locations, offering a sweet escape.  From oysters in Dazzling Dubrovnik, to Easter-egg hunting in the depths of paradise, Maldives.  See where our luxury, handpicked experiences take you this Easter.

A fully refurbished Edgar House in the heart of Chester living room. A fully refurbished Edgar House in the heart of Chester room. Flag of England

Review of A fully refurbished Edgar House in the heart of Chester

This is an elegant riverside residence in the heart of the city. Having undergone a full scheme of refurbishment to mark its new chapter as an exclusive holiday home, this handsome Regency Villa can accommodate up to sixteen guests. With that in mind I invited my close family, including my brother and his wife, and my mum and step dad to enjoy the weekend together.  Before our arrival, I was introduced to the house manager who asked if we had any special requests and asked how we would like the rooms set up. Driving up from London we arrived on Thursday evening, meaning we could make the most of our weekend. My mum took our little girl, and arrived before us meeting Caroline for a meet and greet. Her words over the phone were ‘I’m in heaven.’  I couldn’t wait to get there!

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