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James Bond’s favourite spots


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30th September 2021

Our favourite MI6 agent is back on our screens in the latest Bond installment, No Time to Die, and we are delighted.

Since creating the character in 1953, Ian Fleming has taken us round the world through an array of adventures, car chases, romances and incredible locations. For the last 15 years Daniel Craig has been the embodiment of the British secret service agent and although he wasn’t the first, nor the last, his departure is the perfect time to reflect on a film franchise - and more importantly, filming locations - that have had audiences captivated since 1962. Want to live like James Bond? Let us show you exactly where to go.


You Only Live Twice, 1967

Sean Connery

In one of Sean Connery’s first movies as 007, Bond is dispatched to Japan, where the movie primarily takes place - both in Tokyo as well as in Japan’s beautiful countryside. Visit Japan like James Bond and go to the first luxury Ryokan at world heritage island, Miyajima, Japan. On this small island in Western Japan, an hour outside the city of Hiroshimo, you will find Iwaso, a traditional luxury Ryokan or traditional Japanese inn of matted rooms and beautiful baths. Book a beautiful riverside Shinkan room with a private bath with The Sybarite today, and experience the Japanese countryside, 007 style.

Hong Kong

The Man With The Golden Gun, 1974
Roger Moore
Die Another Day, 2002
Pierce Brosnan

Few cities encapsulate the busy, crazy lifestyle of James Bond better than Hong Kong does, which is why so many movies in the Bond franchise are filmed there. ‘The Man With The Golden Gun’ was shot at the incredible Peninsula Hong Kong, a review of which can be found here. Want your own Hong Kong experience? There is no place more beautiful than The Upper House Hong Kong, and our Food Guru experience is available to book with The Sybarite today - see Hong Kong like never before.


Diamonds Are Forever, 1971
Sean Connery
A View To Kill, 1985
Roger Moore
(and many, many more…)

Like James Bond, we are big fans of all that France has to offer. Many Bond movies have taken place across the country, from Paris, to chateaux in the countryside, to the beautiful Southern coast. One of the most beautiful parts of France has to be the infamous Champagne region, the location of the Duval Leroy house of Champagne. Head to Duval Leroy to create your own bespoke champagne with The Sybarite, and stay in some one of the most beautiful hotels in the region.


On Her Majesty’s Secret Service, 1989
George Lazenby

Snow, adventure and beautiful chalets. Switzerland has always been the perfect setting for the James Bond lifestyle, and plays a huge part in the 1989 adaptation of, ‘On Her Majesty’s Secret Service’. Head to the ever popular St Moritz and spend your days like a king in Badrutt’s Palace, private touring, playing golf and indulging in some winter wellness. 007 would approve. Gstaad, with a touch of skiing in Zermatt, more your cup of tea? The majestic, boutique hotel Le Grand Bellevue is perfect for lovers, family and friends.


On Her Majesty’s Secret Service, 1989
George Lazenby

Portugal, namely Lisbon, has become an increasingly popular European city break destination, but has always been popular in the world of Bond. Considered one of the 007 franchise’s most faithful adaptations of a Fleming novel, Bond is reunited with his Bond Girl, Tracy in beautiful Lisbon, in ‘On Her Majesty’s Secret Service’. Get a taste for European romance in the Portuguese capital with a stay at this unique concept hotel bringing together artists, gastronomy and design.

Italy (Lake Como)

Casino Royale, 2006
Daniel Craig

Although at first drawing controversy, Daniel Craig won us all over in his role as Bond in the first of his 007 installments, Casino Royale. Casino Royale ended up becoming the highest grossing Bond film before the release of Skyfall in 2012, and this is also partially to thank for the exquisite setting. Lake Como exudes luxury, and features some of the most decadent hotels and homes in the world. Stay at this unparalleled 8-bedroom private villa with incredible views of Lake Como, fully equipped with villa manager, housekeeping staff and chef on call. Shaken not stirred, please.


Skyfall, 2012
Daniel Craig

In typical Bond style, Skyfall starts as it means to go on - in a beautiful setting with a motorbike chase. The opening scenes were shot in Istanbul, Turkey, at the Istanbul Grand Bazaar, one of the oldest markets in the world. Visit Istanbul and head to Cappadocia next, a UNESCO Heritage Site in Turkey. A stay at the Museum Hotel will be like no other: built in restored caves and stone houses that are thousands of years old, the panoramic views of spectacular sunrise balloon launching and stunning sunsets are worth the trip.


Spectre, 2015
Daniel Craig

Some of the most incredible scenes from Spectre take place in Morocco, and really showcase that this is a country absolutely worth the visit. For a trip to Morocco, fly to Marrakech and stay at the incredible Dar El Sadaka private villa. The grounds are incredible and covered in unique art pieces. Lounge by the pool, host a dinner in the outside dining room made by your own private chef and explore Marrakech from the comfort of your own home. Perfect for families or big groups during festive seasons, book with The Sybarite today to avoid disappointment.

Italy (Matera)

No Time To Die, 2021
Daniel Craig

And now for the final installment, the one creating all the buzz, Daniel Craig’s last hurrah as Bond - No Time To Die. No Time To Die was shot all over the world, but most notable are the striking scenes shot in Italy, especially in Matera. Matera is a town in Basilicata carved directly out of the hillside, and is featured as the opening shot in the trailer of the 2021 Bond movie. Visit Matera with this exclusive Sybarite experience, in partnership with Il Palazzotto Residences and Winery, a unique hotel right in the heart of Matera. Live the James Bond life in this Puglian town, drinking wine, smoking cigars, eating fresh farm to table dinners and taking in all the beauty that the area has to offer. Mr Bond will see you now.

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