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Formula One & the Porsche 962: A History

Clement roy 5pj9flzxktq unsplash.

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Calling all motorracing enthusiasts! Join us as Will Steel reviews Serge Vanbockryck's "Ultimate Works Porsche 962 – The Definitive History" - just in time for the next stage of the Formula One World Championships: the Singapore Grand Prix.

Quarter-bound in red leather, the black fabric-covered hardback limited edition of Ultimate Works Porsche 962 features silver foil script and is presented in a black fabric bound slipcase, with the print run limited to an honorary 962 numbered copies.

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Dimitris kiriakakis odzmrny4xvi unsplash. Screenshot 2022 09 22 at 10.39.19. Flag of Monaco

Featuring The Galaxy Yacht for Monaco Yacht Show 2022

Since 1991, the Monaco Yacht Show has been committed to promoting creative excellence in the world of superyachting, granting few the privilege of visiting a spectacular exhibition of the world's most luxurious (and expensive) superyachts. Held in Port Hercules, Monaco Yacht Show is Europe's biggest in-water display of large yachts; a sumptuous display of wealth, craftsmanship & expertise. The Galaxy superyacht is the epitome of what the Monaco Yacht Show represents: stylish, luxurious and chic. After undergoing a severe transformation, Galaxy is no longer just another white Superyacht gracing the ocean along the french riviera. Described by Njord by Bergman as, "a destination, a marvel that touches all your body's senses and excites and embraces you with its energy each step you take onboard", this beautiful superyacht is certainly a sight for sore eyes.

Thebombardierglobalexpressxrsinterior min_85390a1e76f66279def565020c226b9e_2000. Flag of United_kingdom

In Defence of Private Jets: The Truth About Luxury Charters

On the evening of Saturday 10th September, embassies worldwide received a private document advising leaders, where possible, to board commercial flights to the UK for the Queen’s State Funeral. Australian Prime Minister, Anthony Albanese, said he would be attending the service in his official jet. This follows months of increasing outcry on social media over the use of private jets by A-list celebrities, such as Oprah Winfrey and Taylor Swift, who’ve allegedly racked up 68 and 170 trips this year, respectively. However, the fact of the matter is, private jet charters have experienced an unprecedented growth which the industry expects to continue, and not just thanks to celebrities and world leaders. Here, Andy Christie, Director of Private Jets at Air Charter Service, shares the industry growth they’ve experienced from momentum gained at the start of the global pandemic.

Sarah colbon and marie solimon photoshoot for bergman design house. Bergman portrait 194. Flag of United_kingdom

Women Who Launch - Marie Soliman and Sarah Colbon of...

The design industry is captivating to many primarily because it doesn't sit still and is constantly in a state of transformation. "Design is the reflection of the era we live in, and with more conscious choices and well-travelled individuals, we are seeing—and getting asked to design—more sustainable and meaningful luxurious spaces," shares Marie Soliman, Founder and Creative Director of Bergman Design House, the luxury design studio that lists BXR London and the Hilton Hotel Brussels as some of its clients. Soliman tells me that the pandemic has dramatically influenced this transformation with a significant focus on sustainability, vintage pieces, and an ethos of meaningful luxury. It was also in 2020 that the team saw their clients spending more time out at sea on their yachts in a bid to get more privacy and stay away from crowds—superyachts had turned into a home away from home, and clients were on the lookout to put their stamp on these floating mansions.

A bugatti baby ii awaiting its next test drive 1024x683. Littlecar_babyb 209 scaled 1. Flag of United_kingdom

Bugatti Baby Reborn - An authentic tribute to the original

Ettore and Jean had intended the present as a one-off car, however the feedback from customers visiting Molsheim was so positive that the Baby went into production and was sold between 1927 and 1936. Cherished by Bugatti enthusiasts worldwide, today no collection is complete without a Baby. However, with only around 500 ever made, they have been the preserve of the lucky few. While the original Bugatti Baby was a 50% scale version of the car that brought Automobiles Ettore Bugatti to fame in the 1920s, the Bugatti Baby II offers more in terms of size and considerably more in terms of performance. Eight-year olds would struggle to fit in the original half-scale Baby, whereas at 75% scale and designed for ages fourteen and above, the Baby II has definitely become more of a young adult.  “Ettore Bugatti himself was already interested in catering to the children of Bugatti enthusiasts and designed the Type 52 miniature car as a genuine Bugatti. That was a sensation at the time,” says Stephan Winkelmann, President of Bugatti.

Diriyah_5_54_cmyk_300pp1. 20190807_coco.pr_.agency17777_roberto grilli_jpg 300dpi 1. Flag of United_kingdom

Roberto Grilli: The mastermind lighting up Formula E

Recently appointed to manage the Formula E - Diriyah ePrix in Saudi Arabia, Roberto tells The Sybarite how he got into the motorsports and lighting industry, the changes he has had to make during the recent pandemic, and what the appointment to the Formula E race means to him.  Tell us a little bit about yourself and your background. As DZ Engineering’s General Manager, I am currently responsible for both commercial and business development in integrated solutions for race track circuits, sports venue lighting, museums and architectural lighting. Prior to this, I had pursued automation and software engineering with the vision that I, one day, will be building the first real Mecha, a Japanese giant anime robot. Shortly after joining this, I realised that I would not have been able to survive coding for that long - I would be, in fact, bored to death. When I had the opportunity to switch professions, I grabbed on to something more exciting and here I am now, with over 15 years of experience in across both motorsports and lighting industries

Everatti. Everatti drive. Flag of United_kingdom

The luxury Gent, in conversation with Justin Lunny, CEO...

Owning vinyl too, choosing the album to buy carefully, and handling it with care. The soft hiss of anticipation before the first track starts… But sometimes, sometimes you want to listen to that half-remembered song that you used to love and being able to stream it digitally in crystal-clear high-fidelity, well that immediacy is special too. The great privilege of our age is having access to both. We were lucky enough to sit down with Justin Lunny, founder and CEO of Everrati, who are bringing the best of both worlds, the analogue artistry and the digital performance, to the world of motoring. Everrati are both literally and metaphorically, electrifying classic cars. They lovingly restore classics, and offer a very special upgrade; they can strip out the engine, gearbox and any smoky, noisy bits, and replace them with an electric powertrain. Thereby they bring decades of performance increase, and ease of use (to say nothing of green credentials and everyday usability) to some of the most beautiful pieces of automotive engineering ever to be set on 4 wheels. Here's what Justin had to say:

Ferrari 1 1655388365. Gh mumm2. Flag of United_kingdom

Featuring The drink of champions – Ferrari Trento official toaster...

Ferrari Trento is the Official Sparkling Wine of the Formula 1 World Championship. The three year partnership sees Ferrari Trento’s award-winning Italian methedo classico sparkling wine poured and sprayed on all occasions on and off the podium. Appointed as Formula One‘s official celebratory partner  victory drink and toast maker , the Trentino winery has been producing  luxury Trentodoc wines since 1902 and run by the Lunelli family since 1952.   Ferrari Trento’s President and CEO, Matteo Lunelli  comments: “It's an achievement that demonstrates the renown that our wines enjoy internationally. It’s a starting point because we are just beginning this extraordinary adventure that will allow us to bring the Italian Art of Living to the celebrations of Formula 1.” The  Ferrari F1® Limited Edition is a special Blanc de Blancs cuvée celebrates some of the iconic Grands Prix in the FIA . It is available for the Formula 1® Lenovo British Grand Prix ( July 1-3 ) for £39.99 from

Mvp barcelona. Hotel casa de fuster hotel casa de fuster. Flag of Spain

MYBA Charter Show 2022 – the superyacht event of the year

It's been well over a decade since I was in Barcelona, and in recent years, I'd begun to hear vague whispers around London, a sort of polite secret the well-heeled and well-informed would occasionally share, that Barcelona was the 'new hottest' city in Europe. Greatness as a destination, is fragile, hard to achieve, and almost certainly anathema to widespread popularity; too many people, too exploited, and the character and charm evaporate under the tramp of the thronging masses. As you may well imagine then, I'm a little conflicted to write that yes, the rumours are true: Barcelona sits atop my estimation as one of the greatest cultural & luxury destinations in Europe.

The nautilus travel guide for a rest assured holiday outside ocean hotel. The nautilus travel guide for a rest assured holiday living space. Flag of Maldives

Featuring Your questions answered – the Nautilus travel guide for a...

Meanwhile we're sharing some answers to questions on how the resort are working together to navigate a worthwhile holiday safely, so that ultimately you worry less and enjoy far more than you would imagine. Don't forget to check out The Nautilus Sybarite offer. Part of the beauty and magic of The Nautilus Maldives is the Island's unparalleled location; set on its very own unspoiled and pristine white-sand Island and adorned with verdant endemic flora in the UNESCO Biosphere of the Baa Atoll. Boasting exclusivity and absolute privacy, the location of The Nautilus allows guests a greater sense of space and freedom - there are no crowded places in this staggeringly beautiful slice of paradise. The private location also means that there is strict control of the entry of personnel into the Island which is not accessible to just anyone, and because of capacity, is kept low, which helps to lessen overall risk.

Connectjets avanti evo. Avanti evo interior. Flag of United_kingdom

Featuring ConnectJets introduces the new Avanti Evo

Avanti EVO blends the very best of Italian style and craftsmanship to create an aircraft that stands alone for its values. With greater range, faster climb, reduced fuel costs, a lower noise footprint, added safety systems, and a luxurious bespoke cabin, the Avanti EVO is another step forward. With a maximum speed of 402kts (463mph, 745kmh) and improved climb performance to its ceiling of 41,000ft, Avanti EVO is even better for you and your passengers. Turboprop power means reduced fuel, maintenance, and training costs, while the bespoke cabin is just the cherry on top! The stand-up cabin height of 5ft 9in (1.75m) and width of 6ft 1in (1.85m) is the biggest in class, roomier than some other luxury jets, and with a restroom as standard. Able to carry up to 9 passengers on 5 different floorplans, the volume of 375ft3 (12.88m3) means the most space per seat in class, appointed with the finest Poltrona Frau leather, this can be tailored to your choice in colour. Meanwhile, a generous baggage compartment measures 44.15ft3 (1.25m3), and can accommodate golf bags or skis.

2015 bentley mulsanne speed 4. Bentley. Flag of United_kingdom

Bentley Christmas Gift Guide for women, men and children

Bentley has joined in the festivities too by curating their own selection of top 10 Bentley gift recommendations. Bentley fans can now browse the selection and get their hands on these Bentley inspired gift ideas in time for the holiday season.

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