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Bringing Back Boujis: Get Ready for B London

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By Lily Niu on 25th January 2023

Just around the corner from where the infamous Boujis once stood, B London is expected to put a bang into Kensington and Chelsea’s nightlife scene.

They’ve hosted rockstars and royalty during their wildest nights out. Now, the team behind Mahiki, Raffles Chelsea, and the once happening Boujis, brings B London to the fold, with a view to capturing the best of old and new.

For those unfamiliar with Boujis, the significance of B London’s upcoming launch - geared for March of this year - is rooted heavily in the once popular club which closed in 2016.

During its epic run, made memorable by the drove of celebrities passing in and out of its doors, Boujis made headlines for high class drama perpetrated by none other than its clientele. This included Princes William and Harry, commonly caught by paparazzi stumbling from the club in the early hours of the morning.

Speaking to veteran nightclub owner and B London partner, Carlo Carello, it’d be remiss of The Sybarite not to enquire about his knowledge of the royals, who are, as expected at this time, a little on the contentious side of public opinion. “To be honest, I’ll be brutal,” he said. “I’d love to stay away from Harry and William right now. There’s too much out there.”

“It’s all about the good vibes and I don’t like when people don’t get on,” Carlo continues. “I’m in recovery and have been sober for many years now; it teaches you how to make amends and when you’re wrong, it teaches you to admit it.” 

For B London, however, the outlook is bright. Working alongside four experienced partners - Jake Parkinson-Smith, Fraser Carruthers, Steve Manktelow, and Barth Rougier - Carlo and the team have over 80 years of experience between them and have diligently put in the work to make B London the club of the future. With Barth, founder of DNA Agency, on board as Partner and Creative Director, the team is prioritising building a club with modern appeal.

“It’s not about neglecting the past,” says Barth, however. “Everyone would say the nightlife industry is an age game which has a lot of truth to it. The older you get, the less you want to go out but I think it was amazing to see how much the older generation who obviously went to Boujis does a lot. When we made the announcement about B London, what the industry is calling Boujis 2.0, it was great to see how they reacted and how much excitement it brought to them.”

Passionate about taking clubbing in West London to new heights and with broadened appeal, Barth’s involvement - coupled with his expertise in music and running a talent agency - has already made B London a unique venue; the club will be the first in West London to accommodate vinyl DJs non-stop, thanks to a concrete DJ booth which won’t distort the sound. 

The venue itself will remain exclusive, however, with consideration to its size and depending on the guest list and performances of each night. “We can’t just let in thousands and thousands of people. Anyone is welcome but the reality is we can’t let everyone in, “ says Barth. “What’s most important is how we treat others; what our values are as club owners, and what the values of our staff are- that starts from the top and that’s how we create a business ethos to make sure everyone is treated respectfully. We can keep that exclusivity but allow people to feel it’s okay to come back another time, because tonight might not be the right night. That’s really important to us- that people feel invited.”

The club, designed by Neil Morten of GMP of Ministry of Sound fame, will be a melting pot of luxurious and urban influences, featuring polished concrete on which iconic Warhol pop art and Basquiat graffiti are splashed. B London will also be home to a hidden Cubanista speakeasy, serving as a secret world within a world. 

Beyond splashy interiors, the team is pushing this venture to new heights by partnering with Caduceus, who are building the world’s first 3D metaverse platform for easy adoption. Together, they’ve set their sights on opening the first 1:1 nightclub replica in the metaverse in 2023, which would bring a taste of London’s finest nightlife to a global audience. 

On the partnership, Co-Founder of Vertex Labs, Bobby Chow, says “The Metaverse will be a fundamental shift in the way humans interact. The team from B is the best in this field and with our robust technology, we are set to inspire the world!”

Stay tuned with us about the launch of B London here.

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