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The Trans-Siberian Railroad

Trans siberian train.

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12th October 2015

For the trip of a lifetime, we recommend traveling the Trans-Siberian Railroad aboard luxury private railway train Tsars Gold.

The adventure lasts 15 days, departing from Beijing and Moscow, with expected stops including Kazan, Yekaterinburg, Novosibirsk, Irkutsk, Ulan Ude and Ulaanbaatar, among others. The experience will be very unique, as guests will be able to travel the normally closed original route of the Trans-Siberian Railroad and be accommodated in one of Tsar Gold’s five cabin categories, ranging from four berth cabins to luxury cabins with en suite facilities.

The views are, without question, spectacular. One example is the frontier between Mongolia and Russia, which also happens to be an immigration stop-point with a twist: Passengers can literally present their passports while in their sleepwear, as immigration officials board the train.

Despite the long journey, there is not a day of boredom. Each destination provides a change in scenery en route accompanied by many activities on arrival. Examples include a tour of the Great Wall and traveling through the Gobi Desert toward the great green steppes of Mongolia. Wake up to the stunning landscapes of Eastern Siberia, with its mountains and crystal-clear rivers. Then head to Siberia’s largest city, Novosibirsk, where you will be welcomed the traditional Russian way: with bread and salt.  A few more stops lead to the borders of Asia and Europe, finally leaving you in Moscow, where you can expect to be accommodated in a first-class hotel and given a tour of the wondrous Russian capital.

This is another one to add to the traveler's bucket-list.

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