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Luxury meets history in Venice


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14th January 2016

Between 23rd January and 9th February 2016, Venice will open its water-gates to thousands of revellers from all over the world, out to enjoy its annual carnival.

From cabarets to banquets, masked balls to classical concerts, the city comes to life in a celebration of Italian culture.

The global appeal of Venice continues to grow but it still remains one of the most unspoilt cities in Europe, with its beautiful piazzas and winding canals. And now there is a new reason to visit the city, and maybe never leave again, after paying a visit to the new luxury apartments recently developed and now on the market. The importance of preserving the city’s oldest buildings has been honoured in the award winning development of Palazzo Molin, a 15th Century palace, into eighteen individually designed apartments. Classic Venetian architecture has been combined with contemporary design and facilities to create a modern haven in a traditional space. The facade of the palace has not been altered, it still showcases the Gothic Fiorito style which is widely celebrated for its artistic importance.

Just moments away from Piazza San Marco (host to Mozart during a 1771 visit to Venice) Palazzo Molin offers rare space, calm and modernity at the heart of the historic city. Each apartment has been designed and decorated for style and comfort with air conditioning, marble bathrooms and high ceilings, keeping it cool even in the height of summer. The large, open plan rooms evoke the feeling of vast space, with large windows drawing in bright sunlight all over the apartments. Prices range from €870,000 to €2.9million for the one to four bedroom apartments, with the main Piano Nobile apartment priced at €4.9 million. Eight of the eighteen apartments have already been sold, possibly wryly timed in order to make the most of the influx of visitors to the city over the carnival period, all of whom will need a place to stay and many of whom have the means to pay for the best.

For a city visited by over 20 million tourists a year, there is a surprising lack of luxury apartments catering to international tourists looking for the height of luxury. For these people, Palazzo Molin is an attractive prospect, with easy access to two airports, its own watergate entrance, private courtyard, and maid and concierge services.

Whether looking for relocation or simply a unique investment opportunity, Palazzo Molin is a one of a kind prospect. Or if you’re simply a lover of Italy, a trip to the historic city never fails to astound, particularly during the carnival when the city is at its most bizarre and most beautiful.

The carnival of Venice is one of the most popular and the oldest festival in Italy.
The carnival of Venice is one of the most popular and the oldest festival in Italy.

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