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ESPA spa at JOALI Resort Maldives


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By Ruth Tertilt on 21st April 2021

One can’t vacation at JOALI without a treatment at the renowned ESPA, a wellness world of its own set on this beautiful island.

Besides its tailor made treatments, it’s the environment at which the spa has been built upon. Stepping into this wellness sanctuary, you get an immediate sense of calm and an immediate ability to set your mind at a lower pace. As you enter the circular shaped reception area, it’s that wide open space and nude tones that envelope you into another place, another time. After all that scorching island sun and the plentiful of culinary delights that whet your appetite at JOALI, it’s bliss to have ESPA as a cool and calm oasis to let go in and get lost in.

The Sybarite had the pleasure of reviewing the ESPA experience, in particular the maternity package which we highly recommend to any expectant mother that spends time at the resort. For those curious about which treatments they ought to try out, as each is tailor made according to your areas of concern we would however highly recommend the Hammam Ritual. The stunning Hammam room is of course conceived by its owner Esin, and is a truly state of the art wellness experience to relish in. It's a marble cladded, white and stone washed area of the spa expertly designed to offer guests a genuine Turkish Hammam experience, afterall, Esin being of Turkish origin, doesn’t take this aspect of the resort for granted. 

My ritual began with an understanding of my current state, in this instance I was approximately 33 weeks into my pregnancy. I was warmly welcomed and greeted by the Head Therapist who provided me with an introductory of what I was to expect during my treatment before having to fill in a questionnaire regarding any areas of concerns as well as a short health and safety assessment. Once the form was completed, I was given a brief tour of the spa grounds which was like walking into a beautiful oasis laden with tropical trees and lush plants on every corner. There’s an outdoor after-treatment area where one can relax on the sun loungers that are laid beside the pool area, reminiscent of the indoor spa pool at The Corinthia Hotel in London which also houses its own ESPA. Finally, I was led to the women’s changing room before being led to my treatment room which was wonderfully prepared for an expectant mother.

The treatment started off with my therapist introducing each skincare product that was going to be applied on during my treatment. Each ESPA product that was used on me contained natural ingredients to aid in hydration as well as help with stretch marks. It then began with a light foot soak and scrub before moving onto the therapy bed for a light back scrub to exfoliate all the dead skin as it’s also a part of the body that’s hard to reach during pregnancy. One already feels refreshed from a well deserved exfoliation and prepares oneself for the next part of the ritual, which of course was the light body massage. Despite what one might think about having a massage during the third trimester, if your masseuse is an expert, then it is absolutely worth it. I especially loved the bed which of course had its own maternity pillow so I didn't experience or suffer from any aches and pains during the treatment. The bed itself is adjustable and can recline depending on your comfort level. The pressure applied was perfect so much so that it put me to sleep, which in my personal opinion is testament to how knowledgeable your therapist is. Besides knowledge, it’s also that bond and energy that is created during the treatment, where your therapist concentrates on connecting with your muscles and joints to give you the ultimate relaxation that you so desperately need. In this case, I am happy to say that my ESPA experience at JOALI was heavenly. The pressure was light but enough to release some of the water retention I had been building up especially around my calves and upper thighs. Perhaps the cherry on top was the head massage which is the finishing touch you can expect during this particular treatment. A light tummy rub is optional too. 

Overall, it was 90 minutes of bliss where you awake feeling lighter, refreshed and happier. My therapist recommended that I leave all the lotions and oils on so that my skin could soak it up and take advantage of the active ingredients. I was given a light refreshment before being left alone to change and wander into the spa, taking my own time before returning to my room. This isn’t something to think twice about - if you’re at JOALI do give one of the treatments a go. It is part of the JOALI experience which also focuses heavily on wellbeing and the importance of living in the moment.

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