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The Age of the Superyacht

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By Niamh Walsh on 22nd September 2022

Not just yachts darling - we're talking superyachts. As the ever-opulent 2022 Monaco Yacht Week begins, join us as we explore the Galaxy Superyacht. The interior expertly crafted by Njord (by Bergman) x Northern Lights.

Since 1991, the Monaco Yacht Show has been committed to promoting creative excellence in the world of superyachting, granting few the privilege of visiting a spectacular exhibition of the world's most luxurious (and expensive) superyachts. Held in Port Hercules, Monaco Yacht Show is Europe's biggest in-water display of large yachts; a sumptuous display of wealth, craftsmanship & expertise.

The Galaxy superyacht is the epitome of what the Monaco Yacht Show represents: stylish, luxurious and chic. After undergoing a severe transformation, Galaxy is no longer just another white Superyacht gracing the ocean along the french riviera. Described by Njord by Bergman as, "a destination, a marvel that touches all your body's senses and excites and embraces you with its energy each step you take onboard", this beautiful superyacht is certainly a sight for sore eyes.

Galaxy Yacht Interior, Photographs by Jack Hardy©, 2022
Galaxy Yacht Interior, Photographs by Jack Hardy©, 2022

Re-delivered to her owner in March 2022, the opulent intergalactic superyacht is now ready to transport anyone who comes aboard to another world.

Northern Lights x Njord by Bergman

The design brief for Galaxy called for entertainment-led social areas with cosmic-inspired accents, personal touches and eye-catching details. In just a short time, the yacht's interior had been transformed into an "entertainment spaceship", according to Sarah Colbon, co-founder of Njord by Bergman - a British based interior designer. Taking its name from the god of the wind, sea and it's riches, Njord prides themselves on the ability to encapsulate the client’s lifestyle, creating a home and environment within the design that "pushes the boundaries, shaped only by the natural elements in which it surrounds itself with".

To go hand-in-hand with the beautiful interior design onboard Galaxy, is the bespoke lighting installations created and designed by (another!) British based company, Northern Lights. Having previously enjoyed forays into the world of marine architecture after designing and manufacturing a vast array of bespoke decorative lighting for luxury cruise ships, they had yet to take on the challenge of a yacht, or rather, superyacht.

However, Northern Lights did not disappoint. The yacht's stunning main saloon benefits from a diverse range of beautiful bespoke decorative lighting that has been carefully handcrafted and skillfully finished by their master artisans. Towards the rear of the room, where the sea views encompass one's vision, the exquisite quartz chandelier haloes a marvellous round table surrounded by individual plush leather seats. The expertly crafted fitting comprises thirty-two individual old English brass drops that each hold small, medium and large quartz rocks that refract the light from the recessed lamps beautifully. The chandelier uses shake-proof washers to ensure that the vibration caused by the boat travelling does not compromise the fitting.

The Main Saloon, Photographs by Jack Hardy©, 2022
The Main Saloon, Photographs by Jack Hardy©, 2022

As a company that celebrates their British heritage that they have proudly formed over the past thirty-five years, the subtle and delicate addition of contemporary old English brass wall lights that enlighten the round table and other parts of the living areas is a beautiful way to leave a part of their signature touch onboard the Galaxy. Illuminating the corners of the ample walk-in wardrobe is a duo of pillar-like alabaster and old English brass wall sconces. The impressive lamps benefit significantly from a built-in LED lamp that produces a mesmerising aura which perfectly displays the natural veining within the stone. The elegant brass details have been expertly grooved using state-of-the-art CNC machinery.

In the exceptional lounge and bar area, numerous high-profile artistic installations bring an immediate sense of wealth and luxury to the room. The lounge's backdrop is a wall covering by artist Dylan Cole, whose work features in Disney blockbusters such as Avatar, Maleficent and Superman. Fixed to the marble bar is an exquisite patinated natural brass framework that houses seven brass 'drums', each complete with natural alabaster discs. The discs, when illuminated, show the alabaster's truly exceptional form. The intricate framework ensures that the light travels to every corner of the room, maintaining thorough luminance throughout the area.

Lounge and Bar Area, Photographs by Jack Hardy©, 2022
Lounge and Bar Area, Photographs by Jack Hardy©, 2022

The master bedroom uses a pair of entirely bespoke wall-fixed light old English brass and alabaster bedside lamps. Delicately turned white alabaster shades are amplified by interior puck lamps refracted by quartz smoked crystal. The celestially-inspired lamps are well-matched with the galactic-themed bedroom, which boasts a ceiling decorated with nebulas. 

The Master Bedroom, Photographs by Jack Hardy©, 2022
The Master Bedroom, Photographs by Jack Hardy©, 2022

Northern Lights' unique blend of design & engineering excellence, luxury materials and exquisite in-house artisan techniques is what makes it the UK's leading decorative lighting manufacturer. Through their passion & expertise, they have created luxury bespoke lighting on a global scale, elevating their clients' creative visions & turning the sublime into the iconic. If this doesn't get you excited for the Monaco Yacht Show, we don't know what will!

Northern Lights

Northern Lights
Hardwick View Road, Holmewood
Chesterfield, Derbyshire
S42 5SA

+44 (0)1246 858 750

Njord by Bergman

Bergman Design House
Unit 3, Thames Works
W4 2PD

+44 (0)208 742 7306

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