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Own a private vineyard home


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3rd November 2015

To share the purity and richness of Argentina’s winemaking region, one of its most fertile areas in Mendoza is letting individuals obtain their own private vineyard.

Production plots start at 7,000 sq. m. and owners will have the freedom to control the use of their vineyards, whether producing their own wines guided by Casa de Uco’s experienced winemakers or renting out their vineyards for a yearly profit.

What we find most appealing about Casa de Uco is that it offers wine connoisseurs the opportunity not only to own a private vineyard in one of the best regions for winemaking, but also to avail themselves of the resort’s expertise. Wine experts will be on hand to guide proprietors through the entire process – from harvesting young grapes to handling the business and profit-making side of things. Owning a Casa de Uco private villa is an idyllic experience: Nestled within the vineyard and surrounded by amazing vegetation and picturesque views of the Andes Mountain, the villa comes with round-the-clock concierge service, offering hotel-like hospitality. Some might consider this a fine way to retire.

In the owner’s absence, resort management will happily look after the property and even arrange for the villa to be rented out should the owner wish to yield a profit from it. Each Casa de Uco illa incorporates luxury and sustainability in its construction, to provide a living environment that is modern yet eco-friendly. According to the company, ‘Each site is separated by natural flora, which not only provides maximum intimacy, but also preserves the biodiversity and natural environment of the area. Villas are powered by solar panels, LED light illumination, and water control systems.’ Of course, with a superb winemaking region and excellent vineyards comes a world-class wine consultant.

Alberto Antonini, the resort’s head winemaker and viticulturist, will ‘transform your grapes into exceptional international-quality bottles of wine’, again making Casa de Uco villa ownership a worthwhile investment.

Other perks for vineyard owners – who automatically become members at the Wine & Hotel Spa –include a full suite of membership privileges such as access to the resort’s social and recreational facilities, discounts, personal wine storage space, exclusive wine tastings, special events and guided trips to other vineyards and wineries outside the estate. So, whether you are a wine connoisseur or simply love wine but know nothing about it, Casa de Uco can accommodate your wishes.

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