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The Palazzo Manfredi


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5th May 2018

It’s terribly difficult to write anything about Rome without opening a can of cliched worms, but once in the Roman city itself, all original thoughts perish whilst surrounded by mythology and ancient history.

It was my first time in the city (can you tell?), and beyond my girlish squeals of glee and excitement driving through the beautiful city at night, we stopped just in front of the Colosseum at the Palazzo Manfredi, where later we spent two wonderful evenings.

This charming 17th century palace was built metres away from the Colosseum and a training school for gladiators of ancient Rome. The beautiful building of the Palazzo Manfredi began life in the 17th century as the villa of the Evangelisti family, designed by architect Giovanni Battista Mola. It then passed to the Venerabile Confraternita della Ss Trinità dei Pellegrini e dei Convalescenti (Venerable Fraternity of the Holy Trinity of Pilgrims and Convalescents), as commemorated by the two stones on the façade.

In 2002, the villa was purchased by Count Goffredo Manfredi, one of Italy’s most famous entrepreneurs and construction magnates, and thanks to him, Palazzo Manfredi, our superb luxury hotel, was born.

In commemoration of the past and of the distinction of the noble Manfredi family, you can still read today two Latin inscriptions on the turret, “Fortuna duce”, with fortune as guide, and “Virtute Comite”, with virtue as companion, quoting Cicerone’s famous maxim.

Born in 1918, Count Goffredo Manfredi is one of Rome’s most visible public figures, renowned for his entrepreneurial ventures, elegant residences and refined hospitality.

At his side, his wife Countess Enrica is descended from the old Russian imperial family, and the English Romantic poet Percy Bysshe Shelley. Together for 58 years, this extraordinary couple have written one of the most cultured chapters in Roman high society.

The Palazzo Manfredi is one of the Count’s latest ventures, embodying more than any other, the opulence and sophistication of his lifestyle. The palazzo itself houses the most beautiful view of the Colosseum, views of which may be admired from almost every area of the property, with the best views coming from their crowning jewel; Michelin-starred Aroma Restaurant, over a morning coffee or a decadent Italian meal.

As for the sixteen uniquely-styled rooms and suites, each is individually furnished with a mix of traditional Italian style and modern luxuries. Elegant print fabrics, large beds with plump pillows and fine linens, marble flooring and luxurious velvet and leather seating; everything has been designed with an eye for  style and comfort. The designer marble bathrooms feature bathtubs (apart from the Queen which has a shower), bathrobes, towels and luxurious bath products from Acqua Di Parma.

The dedicated concierge service can arrange for personal shopping service and tickets for museums when venturing further afield than the Colosseum.

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